"But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose."

Anne Brontë

I look really good today like.. I kinda sorta wanna make as many unnecessary stops as possible in between classes/work to see people so that they can marvel in all this amazingness . Am I fucked up ?

lucifer-and-gin asked: I love your URL more than words could express or thoughts could seize, a little like the sunset over the sea or the sweetness of all teas.

Hahaha that was good . I’m using it someday .

Beyonce - Love On Top

My hair feels so soft and smells so so good I just wanna climb on top of someone and drape it all over their face


Jenny Holzer | “My arrogance knows no bounds and I will make no peace today, and you should be so lucky to find a woman like me”
"A clean break is easier. You can reset it and it heals and you move on. But if you leave things messy, and things don’t get put right, then it just hurts, forever."

— Little Black Book

Taken by Tom Woodruff
Anonymous asked: Do you lke anal sex? Would you be into DP if you were with 2 perfect men?

I don’t know, anything’s possible .

Why does AT&T run a soft grunge blog